Full Palworld Achievement Guide

Palworld has taken the video game by storm recently, with it being slated by fans as Pokemon meets Ark with huge guns. Whether Palworld is just another flash in the pan or a long-standing hit remains to be seen, but regardless, over 5 million players are having fun jumping into the world and collecting all of the different Pals that roam the world.

In total, there are 10 achievements to be unlocked in Palworld, which isn’t that many and they are very basic. However, that also means that this is an easy list to secure the full 1,000 Gamerscore, with it being more time-related than anything else.

It is worth noting that the Gamerscore only applies to Xbox as Steam doesn’t have any metric like this.

Achievement NameDescriptionGamerscore
Defeated Zoe and GrizzboltDefeated Zoe and Grizzbolt100
Defeated Lily and LyleenDefeated Lily and Lyleen100
Defeated Marcus and FalerisDefeated Marcus and Faleris100
Defeated Axel and OrserkDefeated Axel and Orserk100
Defeated Victor and ShadowbeakDefeated Victor and Shadowbeak100
Caught Pal for the first timeCaught Pal for the first time100
Caught 10 different types of PalsCaught 10 different types of Pals100
Caught 20 different types of PalsCaught 20 different types of Pals100
Caught 50 different types of PalsCaught 50 different types of Pals100
Caught 90 different types of PalsCaught 90 different types of Pals100

Palworld is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and is available on both platforms as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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