Overwatch 2 Support Hero Lifeweaver Leaks Ahead of Reveal

Overwatch 2 Hero Lifeweaver Leaks

Overwatch 2s new hero Lifeweaver has leaked ahead of Blizzard’s official reveal but fans have already fallen head over heels for the newest addition to the roster.

The leak came from a since-deleted post from PCGamesN which featured an in-depth interview with Overwatch 2’s senior character technical artist, Chonlawatt Thammawan. In the interview, Thammawan reveals that Lifeweaver is a representation and celebration of Thai Culture with the Mandala Shape being a clear inspiration in his design.

Lifeweaver is the first Thai hero to be added to the Overwatch 2 roster and fans have already lauded the character’s unique design. In his official portrait, Lifeweaver can be seen holding a lotus flower which could tie into his plant-based powers. The character represents a substantial step in the right direction when it comes to representation in Overwatch 2 as LifeWeaver is also set to be the first pansexual hero on the roster.

In terms of gameplay, he’ll be primarily relying on using his own invention ‘Biolight’ which can be used used to aid sick and wounded teammates. With his Life Grip skill, he’ll also be able to alter the position of enemy players on the map as well as allies if the need arises.

The hero also has access to the Petal Platform which can be used to create platforms that teammates can use to reach higher areas and vantage points on the map. Rejuvenating Dash can also be used to provide a “small burst of healing” when repositioning.

For offensive abilities, Lifeweaver can use Thorn Valley as his alternate primary fire which can be used to disrupt and push back enemy teams. His ultimate is Tree of Life which can be used to build a giant tree structure anywhere on the map to emit healing pulses to Lifeweaver’s abilities. More details are set to be revealed during Blizzard’s official reveal at 2pm Eastern Time later today.

Are you excited about this new addition to the Overwatch 2 roster?

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