Overwatch 2 Has Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews On Steam

Overwatch 2 Has Overwhelmingly Negative Reviews On Steam

Overwatch 2 officially launched on Steam on Thursday, August 10, and the release has been viewed as anything but positive by players. In just 24 hours, Overwatch 2 has received “overwhelmingly negative” reviews on Steam.

As of writing, the game has received 35,984 total reviews. Of those reviews, 31,513 of them are negative ones, giving it a positivity rate of just 12.42%.

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While many of the user reviews come either without comment or one-to-two words, others point out many of the frustrations players have with Blizzard’s team shooter.

“The main reason this game was called Overwatch 2, was the announced and overly advertised PvE missions, with the new hero skill trees, customizable abilities, and hero progression, and then after over 3 YEARS of waiting, basically everything PvE related that was announced in this trailer was canceled,” one player said.

Another said: “They released Overwatch 2 as a free-to-play business model, which leans more heavily into microtransactions, overpriced skins, and predatory behavior. To make matters worse, they shut down the first game, making it unplayable for people who purchased it, meaning the player base has to move over to this free-to-play business model to keep playing the game.”

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