Odyssey: Blizzard’s Survival Game May Be Multi-Platform

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It was recently suggested by Jez Corden on the Xbox Two podcast that Blizzard’s new survival game is titled Odyssey (and it’s not a codename), and that he believes it’ll be a multi-platform title. This information comes more than eight months after Corden revealed he’d taken a close look at an early build of Odyssey, but there’s a lot of conjecture being thrown around.

For instance, Jason Schreier backed up the codename ‘Odyssey’ following the first reveal, but since then, Corden has claimed that it’s the actual name of the game. Furthermore, Corden stated that his suggestion that the game will be multi-platform ‘isn’t based on anything (he’s) heard.’

So, What Do We Know About Odyssey?

In August 2022, a Reddit post surfaced off the back of an episode of the Xbox Two podcast, hosted by Corden. It broke down what he’d said about Blizzard’s in-development survival game, offering up a few key pieces of information, such as:

  • It ‘looks amazing’ and resembles Everwild.
  • It’s a ‘fairytale survival game’ with building mechanics.
  • There’s an in-game, peer-to-peer economy system.
  • It aesthetically reminded Corden of Fable Legends.
  • It’s not an MMO, but a traditional survival game.

However, this was information based on a build that Corden saw months after it was developed by Blizzard. He did state that it looks quite remarkable, but most recently (in another post shared on Reddit), opted to say that what he saw was ‘very, very early footage’ and that it wasn’t ‘super graphically intensive.’

In the latest episode of the Xbox Two podcast that was chaired by Corden, not much more information was offered up aside from the apparent confirmation that Odyssey is the working title of the game and not a codename, as was previously thought.

He also explored the concept of Odyssey being a multi-platform title and not exclusive in any way. This tidbit came up following the suggestion that, with the Activision Blizzard acquisition still being ironed out, Microsoft could take Odyssey and make it exclusive. He suggested that ‘it doesn’t make any sense to pull it’ at this stage.

He then ended that note by stating that he ‘could be completely wrong.’

At present, it’s totally unknown when more information will be made available regarding Blizzard’s Odyssey.

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