Escape From Tarkov ARENA Maps Revealed in New Update

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Last year, Battlestate Games revealed Escape From Tarkov ARENA, a standalone game that plans to bring a session-based, arena-focused combat platform to Tarkov’s ecosystem. Now, in the first update in almost four months, BSG has dropped a series of images on Twitter that effectively detail all (or at least most) of the Escape From Tarkov ARENA maps.

Some of the maps are recognisable from the earlier showcases that were released in 2022, but others are totally brand new. However, it seems that Battlestate Games has taken inspiration from earlier games such as Contract Wars and Hired Ops, as a couple of these maps closely resemble environments offered up in those titles several years ago.

Escape From… The Arena?

Escape From Tarkov ARENA will be a totally different spin on what players of the core PvPvE game have come to know and love. Instead of being raid-based games that are brutally challenging and unforgiving, ARENA is going to offer up fast-paced, session-based gameplay with unique modes, maps, and mechanics.

It will, however, retain many of Escape From Tarkov’s base elements, such as the selection of weaponry, gunsmithing, movement, and inventory management.

On Twitter, Battlestate Games revealed a series of images that perfectly lifts the lid on at least some of the maps arriving with Escape From Tarkov ARENA whenever it drops. It’s assumed that we’ll at least see an alpha product arrive this year, but there’s nothing solid to base that on at the moment.

Here are the maps that were identified in the screenshots:

  • Airpit
  • Sawmill
  • Equator
  • Bay-5

It was revealed with the announcement of the game last year that it’ll be a separate purchase for new players, but those that already have staked their claim to an ‘Edge of Darkness’ version of Escape From Tarkov will get access to ARENA for no additional cost.

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