Nvidia Offices Raided In France

Nvidia Offices Raided In France

French government officials have raided the Nvidia offices in France as part of an investigation into anti-competitive practices by the company.

According to The Wall Street Journal, raids of this nature “are hourslong exercises in which officials turn up early in the morning, search a company’s premises, seize physical and digital materials and interview employees who arrive for work.”

Though the French authorities wouldn’t confirm to the outlet what company was being investigated, it did state that it had received proper approval from a judge.

Of the raid specifically, the report states: “[The raid] followed a broader inquiry into the cloud-computing sector, in which it cited concerns that cloud-computing companies could use their access to computing power to exclude smaller competitors.”

Insider Gaming has reached out to multiple sources at Nvidia for comment. All requests, however, have gone unanswered as of publishing.

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  1. First the UK now France it shows that Europe is not open for business. Companies should start pulling business from the region.

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