NICKMERCS Says Gambling Is ‘Part Of The Contract’ With Kick


It makes sense, right? It’s no big secret that Kick is backed by Stake, one of the most prolific gambling platforms in the business. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that, for the big streamers joining the platform, gambling is a documented requirement as part of their contract. Or at least, it is for Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff.

You Must Gamble

While streaming on for the first time since his announcement, NICKMERCS outlined the future of his channel. He explained:

Yes, we are going to do gambling streams. We’re not going to do a shit ton, but we are going to do some for sure. It’s part of the contract.

He then went on to reference a secret location from which he’d carry out these gambling streams, given that there are still plenty of betting-based restrictions across North America. From what he said on stream, some viewers believe Kick (or Stake) has a hidden island somewhere off-shore.

It was revealed barely a week ago that NICKMERCS would be joining on a non-exclusive, limited-time contract that would see him pick up $10 million for his efforts. It’s not the biggest deal Kick has offered a content creator, but it is sizeable.

Do you think streamers are selling out to secure the bag, or is there solid entertainment value in gambling streams?

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  1. They need to sign some more people hopefully Jynxzi comes around takes Adin’s offer and Ludwig should come over too when his YT contract ends. Asmongold will join at some point and Kai is next.

  2. Jynxzi and Tarik need to jump to Kick next. The think Kai is going to announce he’s going to Kick next weekend.

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