NICKMERCS Has Signed With Kick Ahead of Twitch Con

nickmercs kick

Minutes ago, it was announced on the social channels that the iconic and at-times controversial streamer, NICKMERCS, has signed with the platform. It was also revealed by the man himself via a short, 30-second trailer, marking him as the latest in a long line of ‘acquisitions’ by the platform.

It seemed like the string of big-budget signings had died out in recent months, as for the longest time, was relying on the ‘$100 million acquisition’ of xQc, one of the most popular streamers in the world. With NICKMERCS joining the platform as a contracted streamer, it seems like the hype train that was so dependent on might be gearing up to get moving again.

Right before Twitch Con. How about that?


For a few weeks, it looked like Dr Disrespect would be the next signing for, but following a sudden move by YouTube Gaming to formally ‘recognise’ the confident and cocky creator, fans far and wide recognise that the deal may have fallen through – if it even existed in the first place, of course.

NICKMERCS was most recently in the news because of his somewhat unexpected and highly publicised comment about the treatment of children by pro-LGBT people, which at the time of writing has secured almost 16 million impressions on Twitter.

The situation became so severe that Activision removed NICKMERCS’ custom Call of Duty Operator from the in-game store.

For a while, NICKMERCS has kept himself to himself, not streaming too much, posting football-related content, and spending time with his family. It seems he’s about to pick content back up in earnest, though. It’s not yet known what the terms of his deal are with, but if the precedent is anything to go by, he may have just secured a whopping bag.

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  1. So what about others will they try signing Jynxi, AMP, Poki, Faze, Alinity? Can they afford Doc or is he out of reach? How much did Nick get non exclusive?

  2. So who else is Kick getting? Tim, Faze, Ludwig, Valkyrae, Speed? What happened to Kick wanting exclusive names I remember that’s why they passed on Kai N Speed show.

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