Next Sonic Game Possibly Titled Sonic X Shadow Generations

According to a new post from Twitter user @Kurakasis, the next Sonic game may be titled “Sonic X Shadow Generations”. This likely refers to the rumored Sonic Generations remaster.

Reliable leaker @MbKKssTBhz5 also noticed a corresponding website with the same name, mentioning Shadow. They posted their findings on Twitter with a link to the site.

Attempting to visit the site currently presents a 403 Error, which means the server is refusing access.

Some fans claim the site was registered before all of the hype would invite a fake domain.

Twitter user @MbKKssTBhz5 has accurately leaked ATLUS information before. They recently claimed that a new Sonic spin-off game is in the works.

That game may release by the end of 2024, and it could feature gameplay inspired by Fall Guys.

Some fans are a little divided over the title “Sonic X Shadow Generations”. However, while it is an unexpected title, it already has fans speculating on its further implications.

The title suggests that Sonic Generations’ big return may not be a straightforward remaster.

It’s possible that Shadow could receive their own additional story within the familiar Sonic Generations game.

However, Sonic X Shadow Generations may not be a remaster at all. It could be an entirely new title in the series. At this time, SEGA has not confirmed anything.

Incorporating Shadow would line up with the third film in the successful live-action Sonic movie series. Shadow will play a large role in the next movie, which is currently slated for a December release.

Some fans expect a big Sonic announcement at PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play. The event will premiere on January 31st at 2 PM pacific time.

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    1. Yes with Jason back to voice also a new Riders, Heroes, and Adventure 3. Frontiers wasn’t as great as people pretend.

  1. Just make a Shadow game a new one hire Platinum and don’t include the other main Sonic characters just Team Dark. A Silver game would be cool too. But make a T rated Shadow game with Shiro Maekawa returning to write.

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