Saints Row Veterans Form New Studio Shapeshifter Games

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First reported by TechRaptor, developers who previously worked at Volition have now formed a studio together, Shapeshifter Games.

Fans will likely recognize Volition for their work on the Saints Row series. This includes the 2022 reboot, also published by Deep Silver.

The new studio Shapeshifter Games appeared on LinkedIn with official statements on their development plans.

Shapeshifter Games is “focused on AAA game development”. The studio adds it is “already hard at work with a top publisher on their next great IP and looking to grow”.

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Embracer Group shut down Volition, the original studio, in August 2023. Until the closure, Volition had developed games for 30 years and amassed a wide audience of fans.

The new restructuring of Embracer Group continues to affect a variety of studios.

Just yesterday, Embracer laid off an unspecified number of employees at Eidos Montreal. The company also cancelled an upcoming Deus Ex game that was already in development for around two years.

Embracer Group’s restructuring also hit Free Radical, beginning the consultation process in November 2023.

So, the return of many familiar Volition creatives is one of a few uplifting turns after Embracer Group layoffs.

It’s too early for Shapeshifter Games to offer more details on the new IP in development. But hopefully, the team will soon announce which publisher they are working with. That would give a much better idea at the potential genre.

Fans met Volition’s 2022 Saints Row reboot with mixed reviews, including frustration over the technical issues. It will be interesting to see a new IP and direction at Shapeshifter Games.

Publisher Deep Silver stated in September 2023 that the Saints Row series will ‘live on’ at PLAION.

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  1. They’re working with Xbox on an unannounced title. It seems that the other team at Undead Labs is working with them on a open world title.

    1. No they’re working on the inxile game clockwork revolution even though the studio said they specialize in open world games

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