New Xbox Dev Kit Rated In South Korea

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A new Xbox dev kit has been rated in South Korea.

First found and reported by Xbox News for Koreans, this new Xbox dev kit was approved on Monday, March 18. With a model number 2089, this kit was manufactured in China and Vietnam.

“Under the laws in Korea, all electronic devices in Korea must be certified by the National Radio Research Agency that there is no risk of harming the radio wave environment,” Xbox News for Koreans posted. “Without getting certified, you can’t use the device in Korea.”

With approval from the agency, the device is now able to be used in the country and “is likely to be distributed to game developers in Korea soon.”

Whether this is a next-gen Xbox or the long-rumored mid-gen refresh of the console remains to be seen. However, it is further proof to the notion made by Microsoft that the Xbox Series X|S consoles weren’t going to be the company’s last systems.

The latest Xbox console rumors have centered around an all-digital all-white Xbox Series X console set to launch this summer. Microsoft, however, have yet to comment on the rumors or respond to multiple requests for comment on the system.

For what it’s worth, the Xbox Series X|S dev kits were rated in South Korea in June 2020, ahead of the consoles November 2020 launch.

What do you think of this new Xbox dev kit being rated for use in South Korea? For more Insider Gaming, read about what historic wrestling federation is coming to Ultra Pro Wrestling in 2025.

  1. Note that the current dev kit models in circulation for Xbox Series X (approved by Korean RRA on June 11th, 2020) were numbered “1881 / 1882 / 1883”

    And the one for Xbox One X (Approved on Sep 1st, 2017 by the same bureau) was numbered “1788”


    (Sep 2017) Xbox One X: 1788
    (Jun 2020) Xbox Series X: 1881
    (Mar 2024) Xbox ???? : 2089

  2. “The latest Xbox console rumors have centered around an all-digital all-white Xbox Series X console set to launch this summer”

    White Xbox Series X don’t require new XDK. New devkit is required for new hardware like portable console or next-gen console. It is too early for next-gen so this is probably portable Xbox

  3. a mid-gen refresh of the series X, be it a digital Series X or a slim version of the Series X would not result in a new XDK being created, the only reason you would have a new XDK is for new upgraded Hardware that is coming to the market in the near future, a slim/Digital version of the Series X is NOT upgraded hardware, the Xbox 360 core/elite/slim/E all used the same Development kit, the Xbox One OG/S used the same XDK, the One X had it’s own XDK, the Series S/X both have their own XDK’s, so if a new XDK is now been made available to developers, it is for a new upgraded piece of hardware, not for a refresh of existing hardware.

  4. Can’t wait to see what innovative games and experiences this new dev kit will enable for us gamers. Fingers crossed for some groundbreaking announcements soon! ? #XboxGamingFuture”

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