New Tool Wants To Make You A Better Madden Player

New Tool Wants To Make You A Better Madden Player

We’ve all been there. You’re playing an online match of your favorite game only to find out that the person (or people) you’re playing are having a lot more success. It can be infuriating when you seemingly can’t figure out a way to get the upper hand. In Madden NFL, especially, players often find themselves the victim of various “money plays”. But now there’s hope as a new tool is on the way aiming to eliminate those from your games and make you a better Madden player overall.

Developed over the last three years by The Madden Academy owner and founder Joseph “Manu” Montefusco — known in the Madden space as ManuGinobili987 — along with his small team, this new tool will give players real-time Madden coaching simply by asking it a question.

“It’s live Madden coaching,” Montefusco says. “Instead of me having to be right there looking over your playing, you can just ask the app with your voice for help in a specific situation.”

The tool is geared towards both the competitive and simulation Madden community. When it was being developed, Montefusco didn’t want to play favorites towards any specific play type. Instead, it was always about helping anyone who wants to be a better player without the need to wait for that one-on-one coaching.

“We saw questions come in from all player types, many of them the same questions,” he said. “It showed there was a need for an easier way to help everyone no matter the skill level or play style.”

He added: “Now players don’t have to wait. They can just go into it, and get the help they need, on demand.”

One example shown was how to stop run-pass option (RPO) plays. After asking, the app shows you a play to use while explaining any pre-snap adjustments to make.

New Tool Wants To Make You A Better Madden Player RPO Coaching

With the nature of Madden always changing, Montefusco says the app will be regularly updated to address the latest top plays in the game, and even address plays and events that might not have an answer yet.

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“It’s going to be able to help the player that wants to stop a post route from the slot,” Montefusco said. “But, we’ll also have situational coaching like when to start clocking or using timeouts.”

As far as that improvement goes, Montefusco says it’ll come in multiple ways. From his own findings while playing and learning to even the feedback provided by users and even other Madden professionals from their experiences on the virtual field.

“Updating the training and suggestions is really quick,” he said. “As we learn more and get more insight, especially with Madden 24, things will be added pretty fast.”

The Madden Academy App is still in development but is planned to release in September. At launch, it’ll be available solely to Madden Academy course owners as part of its 16-week coaching program for $399 or five monthly payments at $95. After a launch period, the app will be available stand-alone offering for $8 per month or $50 per year.

To learn more about it and be notified when it becomes available, you can visit The Madden Academy.

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