Friday The 13th: The Game License Set To Expire

Friday The 13th: The Game License

The time to buy Friday The 13th: The Game is coming to an end.

Fear The Gun announced on Thursday that the license for the game is set to expire on December 31, 2023. Because of that, the game will no longer be able to be purchased in either physical or digital form starting that day.

Because of the license expiration, the studio has made the decision to lower the prices of the base game as well as DLC.

“At this time, we’ve made the decision to reduce the price to $4.99 for the base game and $0.99 for each piece of DLC content,” the studio said. “We will continue to offer the title and content at that price point right up until it is removed from digital/physical storefronts on December 31, 2023.”

As far as the game itself, the studio says the game will remain working until at least December 31, 2024 “if you already own it”. The game shut down its dedicated servers back in 2020, but remained available for peer-to-peer connections.

“We would like to thank our community for the dedication they’ve shown to Friday the 13th: The Game and Gun Interactive as a whole,” they said. “We are happy the game will live on awhile longer and continue to be enjoyed by anyone owning the game already.”

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