New Metroid Prime Could Be Announced Soon, Leaker Claims

metroid prime

Recently, it was revealed that a cryptic message was sent to a moderator of the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, issued by a prominent Nintendo leaker. This message said, quite simply, ‘do you think everyone is primed and ready?’

In the past, this leaker, ‘Fun_Way_6592’, has written out similar messages before the announcements for Wario Ware, Skyward Sword, and Splatoon 3, all of which were ultimately revealed following the initial ‘leak’.

With this cryptic message, Fun_Way_6592 could be teasing the announcement of a new Metroid Prime game, which could either take the form of Metroid Prime 4 or perhaps a remake of an older Metroid Prime title.

Could a Nintendo Direct Be On The Horizon?

Following a leak that uncovered Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom hardware, it seems as though another Nintendo-centric leak has found its way online. On Reddit, Fun_Way_6592’s leak could suggest one of three things:

  1. An all-new Metroid Prime (4) is on the way, due to be announced imminently.
  2. An old Metroid Prime title is going to be remastered (sorry, Jeff Grubb)
  3. The Metroid Prime Trilogy will launch for Switch (again, sorry Jeff)

With new Nintendo Switch models surfacing and new first-party games leaking and being teased, there could be a Nintendo Direct showcase on the horizon. It was in September 2022 that the last Nintendo Direct took place, so the community could be due for another bout of announcements in early 2023.

In 2023, Nintendo is also expected to bring out DLC for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, which would make for another tidy announcement at a Direct showcase. In fact, all of this was summarised quite nicely in a potential line-up from a user on Reddit:

Pokémon DLC + Tears of the Kingdom + Metroid Prime + Fire Emblem + 2D Mario (to coincide with the movie) + NSO update = Pretty decent lineup.


Whatever this announcement is, Fun_Way_6592 tends to put out a leak mere days before an official reveal is made, so if the mysterious leaker is to keep up to the par for the course, a revelation will need to come very soon.

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