New Claims On What “Xbox On Every Screen” Means

xbox on every screen

For the past few months and years, Microsoft has been talking a lot about bringing Xbox to “every screen”. While details on that remain both scarce and confusing, a new claim from journalist Jez Corden of Windows Central gives a bit of insight into what they looks like.

In speaking on his The Xbox Two podcast, Corden spoke about what he’s heard about the cocept.

“I actually have some details on exactly what Xbox on every screen looks like now,” he said. “And I think what it is, is that every Xbox game will have a consistent social UI across all the games, so like if you’re playing Sea of Thieves, for example, on the PlayStation, you will be able to bring up a mini Xbox guide, or something like that. Kind of like Battlenet, sort of.”

Corden then added that it’s at the point in development that it has a codename within Xbox called Roseway.

Obviously this is likely just a small part of Microsoft’s larger plan for an “Xbox on every screen”. The company is still working on next-gen hardware, a possible handheld device, and even improvements to its cloud gaming offering.

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  1. I’m on the other platform to AVOID Microsoft’s BS, and this is what they cook up??

    If I wanted to play on Xbox, I’d of bought a Series X, not a PS5. It’s already bad enough for Microsoft that hell hath frozen over and they’re now forced to dump their games elsewhere to get the $$$ they so desperately crave.

  2. What did they do with this console…. A laughingstock!! Xbox still lacks steam cooking and a hair clipper, right? Can not? As you can see, everything can be done with Xbox. A sacred device for some people. Spencer, Nadya and the entire team should leave the Xbox department immediately. Let them go and spoil Windows.

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