New Bleach Game Possibly Coming to Bandai Namco Showcase

As spotted by Gematsu, a new post on X from the official Tite Kubo account hints that Bandai Namco could announce a new Bleach game during Anime Expo 2024.

Tite Kubo is popular for their work on the iconic source material, and their post confirms Bleach will appear at Anime Expo. It also teases the Bandai Namco Summer Showcase at Petree Hall, suggesting the two are related.

This is a fairly vague tease that does not officially confirm a Bleach game will appear. Still, Gematsu also pointed out a recent trademark filing for Bleach: Rebirth of Souls, filed last month.

Bandai Namco previously announced that its Summer Showcase will return today, July 5, 2024, at 5:30 pm PDT. Fans will also be able to view the event on YouTube and Twitch.

In the same thread, Bandai Namco only confirmed some playable games for the event. Those will include Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream, and Gundam Breaker 4.

With Bandai Namco potentially adapting Bleach into a game, some fans already speculate it could resemble Sparking Zero. Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero recently got a release date for October 11, 2024, and Bandai Namco revealed its game modes last month.

At this time, Bandai Namco has not issued a statement about a potential Bleach game or its appearance at the Summer Showcase.

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  1. No this is for the anime they confirmed they’d be showing stuff. It’s too weird to do a Bleach game now the series isn’t as big as One Piece or Dragon Ball and the new anime is close to wrapping up. MHA I would say is more realistic getting a game maybe that’s what Arc System is making.

  2. No this is for the anime what we need to know is where is the next Shonen Jump crossover game last year was the 55th anniversary and nothing was shown! Also it’s time Arc System Works shows off their new Jump fighter. Also Hunter X Hunter Nen X Impact needs to show off another new character with so far 3 Phantom Troupe members being here I assume the rest are likely and 100% they need to have Chrollo in this game. Zeno, Silva, and Illumi should be in it too. I assume the Ants Arc characters won’t be present if that does well maybe then we get a sequel with Meruem and his subjects.

  3. From who? Cyber Connect is busy with Demon Slayer for Sega, Spike is making Sparking Zero, and Dimps SAO, the only other team is Arc System and a Bleach fighter won’t sell like a One Piece, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, or obvious crossover fighter.

  4. We don’t need this we need the successor to Jump Force where is it?!?!!!!

  5. Is this the Arc System Works Bandai game? Also where’s the follow up to Jump Force? Is Ganbarion making it Jump Cross Battle I think it was rumored?

  6. Why? I don’t see the point of a Bleach game now. Black Clover could use the CyberConnect2 treatment, Dr Stone, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and obvious Chainsaw Man or One Punch.

  7. They should show Ultra Ego Vegeta for Sparking Zero, Jump Stars Ultimax (finally), and whatever Arc System is making hopefully One Piece.

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