Best LVOA-C Loadout in XDefiant [Season 1 Update]

best lvoa-c loadout

The LVOA-C was added to XDefiant with the Season 1 update, and many players that favour mid to long-range combat gravitated to it almost instantly. It hits hard and doesn’t offer much in the way of recoil from stock, but there’s plenty that you can do to make this weapon one of the most formidable ARs in the game. To that end, we’re breaking down the best LVOA-C loadout in XDefiant – all you need to do is unlock the weapon, acquire the attachments, and soak up the kills.

How to Get The LVOA-C in XDefiant

The LVOA-C, which has a TTK that beats out the fan-favourite M4A1, is easy enough to unlock. If you’ve ever played Call of Duty, you’ll note that it’s a similar operating method.

To unlock the LVOA-C in XDefiant, you’ll need to progress to rank 20 of the battle pass, whereupon you’ll unlock the powerful AR free of charge. It’s a bit of a grind, but you can of course jump up the battle pass faster by buying tiers or securing the Premium Pass, which comes with 12 tier skips – you’ll only need to get through eight ranks to get the LVOA-C.

Best LVOA-C Loadout

Here’s the best build for the LVOA-C in XDefiant:

  • Compensator Muzzle
  • Vertical Grip Front Rail
  • Extended Mag Magazine
  • Heavy Grip Rear Grip
  • Padded Stock

With this LVOA-C loadout, you’ll be keeping your recoil low while prioritising lead down range, with the extended magazine providing much-needed extra ammunition to beat XDefiant’s inherently slow TTK. You’ll be given boosts to avoid flinching when firing and the Padded Stock brings a strong control buff, which means that sustained fire and target acquisition will both be a walk in the park for you.

Alternate Attachments for the Best LVOA-C Loadout

If you want to prioritise power and introduce more recoil, throw on the Chrome Lined Barrel and Barrel Extender, replacing the Heavy Grip with the Quick Draw Grip to claw back some ADS speed.

If fully negating your recoil is what you’re after, swap the Padded Stock for a Reinforced Stock and forgo the Heavy Grip for the Grip Tape to increase your control of the weapon. Then, adding a Stabilizing Barrel and combining it with a Compensator is all you need to do to make the recoil on the LVOA-C almost non-existent – simple!

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