Latest Tarkov Patch Takes PvE Offline, But There Are Caveats

tarkov patch

In the latest update for Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate Games has tweaked PvE in the right fashion, allowing users playing solo to run the game locally as opposed to connecting to a server. That means that matches will now load in a matter of seconds – but there are a few caveats to that deal.

Firstly, you can’t play as a group offline (obviously), nor can you run a Scav offline. Also, if you want to play offline Streets of Tarkov on PvE, you’re out of luck – that still requires you to connect to a centralised server. It’s still a good change, though.

Clever Bots

Battlestate Games revealed that the AI has received a monumental boost in PvE, with both PMC and Scav characters becoming more meaningful in their movements and adopting a little more intelligence.

For instance, AI PMCs will now actively seek out loot, diving into dense areas and procuring items, prioritising high-value loot and replacing their loadout with more valuable items as they go. That means that you can predict their movements a little better and get potentially bigger rewards when you kill them. Be warned, though – they’ll be more prone to setting up ambushes in high-value areas like Shoreline’s Resort region.

Furthermore, AI PMCs can also extract from the map if a) they’re done looting, or b) enough time has elapsed since they spawned. They’ll move more tactically across the map towards their chosen extract, making it feel much more like a ‘normal game’ of Escape from Tarkov. It does mean you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel when you approach extract points, though.

Scavs are the same – the latest tweaks have made it so that they too will roam around the map looking for loot, but according to BSG, they’re ‘less picky’ than PMC characters.

It’s tough to tell if these changes will make PvE ‘harder’, but it’s almost certain that they will. BSG loves introducing fresh challenges to the world of Tarkov, and this latest update is no different.

Elsewhere, players can now throw on freshly created outfits, purchase the ‘Lega’ medals, and even wipe their PvE profile if they have the desire to do so. BSG has balanced a range of spawns, fixed some bugs, and added new feedback forms in the game – fill them out and you’ll be rewarded.

All in all, it’s another day at the office for Tarkov players.

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