Fortnite Disables Vehicles, Nitro Fists and More for Ranked Mode

Fortnite has just announced the commencement of the All Sweat Summer, during which players can embark on exclusive quests to earn unique summer-themed rewards. In addition, Fortnite has decided to implement significant changes to the Ranked Mode as part of the All Sweat test.

These changes are designed to immerse players in a tournament-like experience. Discover all the alterations to Fortnite’s Ranked mode below. 

Time to Sweat

The Fortnite Status account has announced a series of changes that will be implemented in Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build between July 4 and July 18. Among these changes, all vehicles and vehicle items, including the upgraded boss cars, will be disabled. The unique and new weapon of Chapter 5, Season 3, the Nitro Fists, will also be disabled.

Lastly, players will no longer be able to hire characters, but enemy NPCs and Bosses with medallions will still be present. It’s time to bring out your competitive spirit, as Fortnite’s All Sweat Test for Ranked mode has begun. The development team will be closely monitoring player feedback during this time. 

For those wondering, you don’t need to worry about the entire season being vaulted; these changes only arrive for Fortnite’s Ranked Modes. The standard Battle Royale and Zero Build Mode will still include all the elements introduced for Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 3, Wrecked.

This consists of the newly announced Magneto mythic, which allows players to defend themselves with a metal shield and shoot projectiles at other players, builds and vehicles to cause damage. 

In other news, Nascar recently revealed a landmark integration with Fortnite’s Rocket Racing Mode. Also, the official status account confirmed that the Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration will arrive on July 19. What do you think about Fortnite’s Ranked Mode changes to make the game more sweaty? Let us know in the comments. 

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