Guerrilla Dodges Question Regarding LEGO Horizon on Xbox

lego horizon adventures

Recently, Guerrilla revealed LEGO Horizon Adventures, a full-fledged LEGO title set in the heart of the same universe that gave us Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. It’s being developed in collaboration with Studio Gobo and is set to be released later this year on PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch – but not Xbox.

In a recent post on Game File, Stephen Totilo revealed that he’d caught up with James Windeler, the narrative director working on LEGO Horizon Adventures. When prompted for an explanation regarding the snubbing of Xbox, Windeler didn’t have too much to say…

Horizon, But Blocky

LEGO Horizon Adventures looks like a substantial offering at first blush. It’s promised to be an authentic representation of the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon fused with a family-friendly palette that’s accessible and digestible, bringing the franchise to an all-new audience. It’s designed to be inherently cross-platform and will have cooperative elements, which marks a first for the Horizon universe.

In the latest post on Game File, Stephen Totilo sat down with Guerrilla Games’ James Windeler and grilled him about the upcoming title, asking why it isn’t scheduled to be released on Xbox later this year. By way of a response, Windeler just said:

You know, we don’t really have anything to announce about Xbox right now.

However, when talking about the Nintendo Switch version of LEGO Horizon Adventures, Windeler was more forthcoming, stressing that the squad at Guerrilla wanted to deliver to a ‘family-friendly audience and a younger audience,’ while leaning on the PlayStation and PC platforms to get the game looking ‘as amazing as it can possibly be.’

LEGO Horizon Adventures is set to hit Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024.

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