Take-Two CEO Would ‘Love’ More Games on Netflix

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Recently, the GTA Trilogy (III, Vice City, and San Andreas) was ported to Netflix’s gaming platform, making the legendary trio of titles available to subscribers. It was a roaring success that bolstered Netflix’s offering, and tens of millions of users reportedly dove into the games with reckless abandon.

Following that spurt of success, the CEO of Take-Two, GTA’s long-time publisher, spoke positively of the deal that brought GTA to Netflix, saying that he’d ‘love’ to bring more games to the streaming platform.

But What Could It Be?

As gaming becomes the most popular entertainment medium on Earth, more platform providers are looking to incorporate them into their offerings. Netflix has done this particularly well with its gaming offering, hosting a series of top-tier titles on the platform that users wasted no time in sampling. The crown of the offering is arguably the GTA Trilogy, which by itself helped to popularise Netflix Gaming immeasurably.

In a recent earnings call, the topic of the GTA Trilogy came up, and the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick, spoke highly of the deal and the future of the platform:

We’d love to do more with Netflix. Who wouldn’t? As long as the consumers are happy to be there and as long as the economics of those arrangements make good sense.

With technology becoming sharper all the time, fans are left pondering which Take-Two products could find their way onto the Netflix platform. Perhaps an older GTA title like GTA IV, some of the 2K titles like Borderlands, WWE, or Mafia, or some of Private Division’s games – The Outer Worlds or Rollerdrome, for instance.

There are plenty of choices.

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