NBA 2K24 Has A Bigger Install Than Starfield

nba 2k24

Shockingly, it was recently revealed that NBA 2K24 – which will be released this week, on the 8th – has a gargantuan install size on Xbox Series X|S consoles. It’s so big that it dwarfs Starfield’s install – and that’s a galaxy-sized game that features more than 1000 planets and hundreds of hours of content.

It was discovered recently that NBA 2K24’s install size will measure in at 161 GB at launch – and that doesn’t include the typical ‘day one patch’ that comes with almost every game these days. That’s not even an anomaly, though – last year’s game in the series was released with a whopping install requirement of 152 GB.

How Big Can They Get?

For years, one of the biggest issues gamers have had to contend with is the ever-increasing size of installs. Once upon a time, players installing Call of Duty Warzone on PC had to carve out more than 175 GB of storage just to be able to boot the game – and that featured a single map at one point.

Recently, Starfield launched into early access (the full release is this week, on September 6th) and it became immediately apparent it would need 140 GB of storage free to be installed. Again – that could go up with the expected day one patch that’s on the way.

Is it surprising that NBA 2K24 – a relatively open-and-shut sports game – has such a huge install? Let’s look at some comparisons:

  • FIFA 24 (55 GB on Xbox X|S)
  • Madden 24 (39 GB on Xbox X|S)
  • NHL 23 (37 GB on Xbox X|S)
  • WWE 2K23 (60 GB on Xbox X|S)

Do you have the space needed to store NBA 2K24 when it releases this week?

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