MW3 Lets You Practice Against 31 Bots


There were more than a few complaints about Modern Warfare 2, one of which was the disappointment in the number of bots available in ‘Practice Mode’ – otherwise known as a tweaked private lobby. Well, to clap back against that crushing letdown, Modern Warfare 3 gives players the ability to fight it out and test their skills against a whopping thirty-one bots… On any map.

It Gets a Bit Toasty

That means that, if you fancy a real challenge, you can load into a game of Free-For-All on Rust with thirty-one AI-driven opponents hunting you down. It’s pure chaos, but it’s a great way to get warm before you jump into multiplayer and promptly get spoilt rotten by SBMM and a distinct lack of casual players – such is our day and age.

To access this overwhelming battle, just open up a private match on Modern Warfare 3, navigate to the team and player section to the right of the screen, hit the ‘+’ and add as many bots as you see fit. Then, tweak their ‘intelligence’ and jump into a game, being sure to set up any custom classes first to give you the best test possible.

Have fun!

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    1. honestly don’t know what this dogwater company is thinking lol. we cant have anything fun or nice LOOOL did they even ever give a reason or mention it at all why they changed it?

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