MW3 Early Access: When Can You Play The Campaign?

modern warfare 3

For those who are pre-ordering Modern Warfare 3, which will be released globally on November 10th, there’s a special bonus in store in the form of early access to the game’s campaign. It’s a trick that Activision rolled out last year with Modern Warfare 2, and it essentially guarantees that millions of gamers will actually play the Call of Duty campaign and not just skip over it and jump into the multiplayer portion of the game.

So, if you got MW3 early access through a pre-order, when can you play the campaign?

MW3 Campaign Release Date

There isn’t all that long to wait – those who have pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3 can get access to the campaign from 10 AM PT (5 PM GMT) on November 2nd, 2023. It’s expected that the MW3 campaign will only be around five or six hours in duration – such is life these days – but the early access window allows players to secure trophies, achievements, and campaign-based unlocks as soon as possible.

Then, when the full game is released globally on November 10th, you just line up, switch the game on, and jump straight into multiplayer.

For those eager to get the upper hand, Modern Warfare 3’s campaign can be preloaded 24 hours before it goes live – at 10 AM PT. Now, assuming you’ve already got the COD HQ installed, the pre-installation for the MW3 campaign is around 50 – 80 GB, depending on your platform of choice.

It might be time to clear a little space on those drives.

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