MSI Claw Will Release in the US on March 8

msi claw

The MSI Claw is the iconic tech titan’s attempt at breaking into the handheld gaming market, and it was just revealed that it’s due to launch in the United States on March 8. It’s an instant competitor for the likes of the ASUS ROG Ally and the Lenovo Legion Go, boasting a similar specification in an attractive shell. Recently, the US pricing structure for the MSI Claw was also revealed.

Pretty Penny

If you want to invest in an MSI Claw, you’ll need to part ways with at least $699. That’ll net you the most basic model in the range, but the earliest variant that’s launching in the United States is the $749 version – the 512 GB model. At the top of the range sits the 1 TB model, but that’ll set you back a total of $799 – a substantial amount for to pay when competing devices are much more affordable.

On the specification side, there are claims that the MSI Claw will ‘lead the pack’ in the handheld market, given that it’s the first device of the line-up to boast a Core Ultra APU, which just manages to edge out the ROG Ally and Legion Go’s Ryzen Z1 Extreme APUs. Outside of that aspect, the devices – which include the Steam Deck OLED – are remarkably similar.

They all have 16 GB of DDR5 RAM, at least 512 GB of storage, similar power consumption, and the same operating system (except for the Steam Deck, which primarily uses the Steam OS). Their GPU systems are comparable, and in terms of weight and form, only the Legion Go is a standout example at a whopping 854g.

It’s a close competition for sure, and eventually, it’ll all come down to which brand or aesthetic you prefer. I recently purchased an ASUS ROG Ally and I’m extremely happy with what I’ve got – it’s a fantastic handheld with great expansion potential.

The MSI Claw will land on shelves across the United States from March 8.

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