Baldur’s Gate 3 Physical Edition to Have 4 Discs on Xbox

baldur's gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is getting a physical release soon, and it was recently confirmed that on Xbox Series X|S, the game will span a whopping four discs. It was explained by Larian Studios that this is an effort to avoid compromising the game, which was reportedly ‘over the limit for 3’ discs by just 500 MB. If Larian wasn’t willing to provide a four-disc game, it would have had to cut content from the title ahead of shipping.

Rarely Seen

Most games are available on a single disc these days, but some come packaged in a two-piece that’s typically a data disc and a play disc. In rare circumstances, we’ll see three discs that are used to break down the biggest games on the market – but four discs for one game is extremely rare. On PlayStation, the physical release will span two discs, and on PC, it’ll be just one.

Some classic Final Fantasy games had four discs, a 1998 release of a Riven game had five, and Everquest 2 (2004) was released as a 10-CD pack, but it has been years since we saw a game shipped with this many discs.

It was apparently up for debate, but a statement by Larian’s Swen Vincke put the discourse to bed:

The link Vincke provided is out of date and shows a three-disc version of the game, but he assures it’s being updated. This is the Deluxe Edition of Baldur’s Gate 3 that comes with a stack of bonuses for a relatively low price of €79.99. On all platforms, the ‘first wave’ of the Deluxe Edition is sold out, and if you want to snag a copy now, you’ll need to wait until the second wave is released in Q2 2024.

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