Capcom is Looking to Expand The Monster Hunter Audience

In a new Capcom Shareholder Q&A, the company has revealed it’s looking at expanding the audience for Monster Hunter and other series’.

During the Q&A, it was asked, “What are your future plans for expanding the Monster Hunter, Toraware no Paruma, Sengoku BASARA, and Onimusha series?”

Capcom replied, “We are carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of these titles so they can be enjoyed by a wide audience.”

Further details on what the expansion entails were not specified but presumably means that the company has future titles for the series’ in mind. The expansion could also suggest that Capcom has other ideas too, with the possibility of more adaptions in film and TV.

In 2020, a Monster Hunter adaption directed by Paul W. S. Anderson hit theatres and grossed a worldwide total of $44.1 million – the film had an estimated US $60 million filming budget. Despite the film seemingly not being financially successful, the potential for a sequel is plausible.

In November 2022, Anderson talked about a possible sequel saying “There are hundreds of monsters [in the game]. I can only use five or six of them in the movie. So it’s a big, fun world that I think we’ve only just started to scratch the surface of.” Jovovich added to the discussion saying “Definitely, we would love to make another one. Hopefully, people are going to love it because I know Paul would love to make a sequel. I mean, he’s already writing something.”

What do you think of Capcom’s expansion plans? Would you like to see another Monster Hunter movie?

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  1. No I would not like to see another movie.. In fact can we do away with the existing somehow? lol
    True fans of the series cringed at the Monster Hunter Movie. It had no direction and simply did not depict what the Monster Hunter games are as a whole. As someone with tens of thousands of hours into the series, it hurt to watch this movie and see it as a very poor representation of the Monster Hunter name

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