Modern Warfare 3 Beta Infiltrated by Cheaters

modern warfare 3 beta

It took approximately three days for the Modern Warfare 3 beta to be infiltrated by cheaters, but going against all expectations from the community, they’ve surfaced on PlayStation platforms, and not PC. Reportedly, a string of users with ‘jailbroken’ PlayStation 4 consoles have found some way to circumvent any security protocols established for the beta, bringing aimbot and wallhack exploits into the game a month before it hits the market.

That Didn’t Take Long

In one clip that was shared to Twitter by user ‘Duqys‘, we see a Modern Warfare 3 beta player blatantly using what looks to be a combination of a wallhack and an aimbot cheat to take down players. However, given that the beta is available exclusively to PlayStation players at present, it seems that PC alone isn’t the issue when it comes to cheaters in Call of Duty.

For the last few years, there has been a growing problem in the Call of Duty scene, and cheaters have permeated every single game that has been released, even with Activision stepping up resources in its anti-cheat teams.

Fans are now braced for a wave to hit when Xbox and PC players join the beta later this week because if PlayStation users have found a way to cheat, the concern is that malicious PC players will have absolutely secured a way around whatever anti-cheat systems exist in the beta.

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