Modern Warfare 2 Free Access Week Starts Today

modern warfare 2 free access week

Good news, those of you that haven’t made the ultimate move yet and invested your hard-earned money into a copy of Modern Warfare 2. From today, April 19th, until the 26th of April, there’s a Modern Warfare 2 Free Access Week, blowing the game wide open for all comers for a grand cost of absolutely nothing.

During the Free Access Week, players will get access to ten maps, including the brand-new Pelayo’s Lighthouse and an all-new Gunfight map – Exhibit. There will be twelve modes up for grabs too, including Hardpoint, Grind, Gun Game, Invasion, and All or Nothing.

It’s one of the biggest free-play trials in franchise history, and it’s probably the best taste of Modern Warfare 2 you’ll ever get without buying it.

Take Part in Modern Warfare 2’s Free Access Week

For a limited time, you can install Modern Warfare 2 and play through the Free Access playlists without any financial blockers getting in the way. In celebration of the launch of Season Three – a substantial update for the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 platforms – players will be able to explore all that the former title has to offer, unhindered by a pesky price tag.

As always, Warzone 2 (and DMZ) remains free to play by default.

So, whether you want to explore the 64-player, vehicle-laden Ground War maps or take part in an intense 2v2 showdown in Gunfight, the Modern Warfare 2 Free Access Week can accommodate you.

Today, April 19th, the Free Access Week starts at 10 am PT (6 pm BST) and it’ll run until 10 am PT on the 26th of April. And, if you decide to invest in the full game after the trial, your progress will of course carry over.

Are you going to take part in the Free Access Week, or are you totally not interested in the game?

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