Modern Warfare 2 FC Event Will Lets You Predict a Team to Win The World Cup

Following on from a report a couple of days ago, which will introduce a “CODBall” gamemode, Modern Warfare 2 is also set to feature an FC event that will let you predict a team that will win the World Cup.

An image provided to Insider Gaming of the Modern Warfare 2 FC event states: “Join us for the Modern Warfare FC event! Support your favorite teams and earn prizes based on their performance.”

The image of this limited-timed event is a crowd of football fans cheering in a football stadium.

It’s understood that the Modern Warfare 2 FC event will be announced on the week of November 21, as the first football operator, Neymar will be added to the game.

The three footballers confirmed to be coming to Modern Warfare 2 are:

  • Neymar – November 21
  • Pogba – November 25
  • Messi – November 29

Unfortunately, Insider Gaming was unable to verify the rewards that players will receive for accurately predicting which team will win the World Cup, but we theorize it’s likely some form of cosmetic.

The CODBall limited time gamemode, which is believed to launch next week, will feature a Rocket League-like gamemode where players drive ATV’s in a football stadium and play football with a giant ball.

What do you think of the Modern Warfare 2 FC event?

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