New Title by Paradox Interactive “Surviving the Abyss” Gets Added to Steam

A new title by Paradox Interactive named “Surviving the Abyss” has been added to the Steam database.

Earlier in the year, Reddit user u/LongJonSilver had spotted that Paradox Interactive had filed for three different trademarks; Surviving the Abyss, Pure Metro, and First Class. You can find a link to the Surviving the Abyss trademark here.

It appears like the Pure Metro trademark was denied due to the “likelihood of confusion” with Metro.

Unfortunately, none of these details give us an indication as to what Paradox Interactive new project actually entails, but it could be akin to Surviving Mars and Surviving the Aftermath.

A Steam database update could suggest that game could be revealed soon, with The Game Awards being a potential candidate, with the show taking place on December 6, 2022.

Paradox Interactive has published and developed over 100 games since its creation and has mainly focused on strategy titles.

On its website, Paradox Interactive says “

Since the company was founded in 2004 we have published our games all over the world, initially through physical distribution but since 2006 primarily through digital channels.”

“Paradox games are developed primarily for PC and console platforms, but we also release games on mobile platforms. Our largest markets include the US, UK, China, Germany, France, Russia and Scandinavia. Over five million gamers play a Paradox game each month, and the number of registered Paradox users exceeds 18 million.”, it continues.

What do you think Surviving the Abyss could be?

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