Minecraft Releases Universal Studios DLC With Launch Trailer

Minecraft Universal Studios DLC

Minecraft has officially released a Universal Studios Experience DLC today, as well as a launch trailer featuring some of the central attractions.

Today’s trailer description explains that players will “start your adventure at the gates of Universal Studios”. The DLC will also feature fan favorite characters like “Shrek, Dracula, King Kong, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”.

Players will need to restore letters on the Universal Studios globe by journeying through classic rides. The trailer showcases some major hits, from Back to the Future to Jurassic World.

Longtime theme park enthusiasts should enjoy nostalgic trips to rides that have since been taken down. Besides venturing down memory lane, players can also explore shops, minigames, and more.

Minecraft’s Universal Studios Experience DLC looks a lot more comprehensive than previous, similar DLC expansions.

Fans themselves could have simply recreated the popular Universal Studios rides, on their own. So, players will surely appreciate the authenticity in this DLC, as well as the smaller theme park features.

It also opens the door to similar, subsequent DLCs featuring other popular theme parks.

Minecraft Legends developers announced last month that no new content would be released anymore. However, although Minecraft may have launched many years ago, the core game itself continues to thrive.

Most recently, Minecraft released a Godzilla-themed DLC just weeks ago from studio Team-KYO. It featured four adventures with unique gameplay modes that support multiplayer. Fans generally praise these regular DLC releases.

The developers also continue to expand the Minecraft universe in many new directions. The IP also has a movie adaptation to look forward to.

According to reports last month, Jack Black will play Steve, the iconic default character from the game.

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