350,000 Minecraft Fans Sign Petition a in Criticism of Lack of Content

Soon after the announcement of Minecraft’s annual mob vote, a petition surfaced online to stop the vote and hold Mojang accountable for its lack of content additions to the game. The petition has now reached over 350,000 signatures at the time of writing in just four days.

UPDATE – The petition now has nearly 500,000 signatures following the news of the winner of the Mob Vote and revealed details on Minecraft 1.21 Update.

According to the petition, the Mob Vote “generates engagement by tearing the community apart, leaving fantastic ideas on the cutting room floor, and teasing content that will never be seen in the game. That, mixed with the fact that Mojang somehow releases less content WITH Microsoft’s backing than they did without, means players see minimal content to the game they love and watch as possibly the one thing to get them to play again is ripped from them.”

The current Mob Vote sees the community having to vote on the crab, the penguin, and the armadillo, with only the winner being added to the game.

The petition continues, “Minecraft made its popularity due to its regular updates and large amounts of content. This was back as early as 2011. Now, Minecraft is not only the highest-selling game ever released, but has the financial backing of the massive corporation Microsoft. Despite this, players only receive a single, very small content update each year. The Mob Vote teases at some of that content, only for a third of what was teased to make it in, further decreasing the content of the update.”

According to a Minecraft leaker, Mojang currently plans to release a new hostile mob and two new blocks to the 1,21 update, which will apparently be announced at Minecraft Live 2023. If true, the petition does have legs to stand on, with the Minecraft community only getting 4-5 new items/mobs per year – Which isn’t exactly a boatload of content to keep players happy.

Microsoft acquired Mojang in November 2014, at a purchase price of $2.5 million. Since its release, Minecraft has sold over 238 million copies as of 2021.

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