Microsoft Says It Doesn’t Know When Call of Duty Launched

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The time of Microsoft playing dumb during the defense of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard has apparently come as the company is now claiming not to know when Call of Duty originally launched.

In a 37-page reply to the lawsuit brought about by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Microsoft states that not only does it not know when the franchise launched but that it has no information as to how valuable it is.

Microsoft avers that it lacks knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the allegations concerning industry perceptions of Call of Duty and Call of Duty’s original release date; or as to the truth of the allegations concerning Call of Duty’s launch and typical release schedule and the resources and budget Activision allocates to Call of Duty, including the number of studios that work on Call of Duty.

To summarize and put the statement into layman’s terms, Microsoft is saying it has no knowledge of the size of the Call of Duty franchise. On top of that, it’s claiming that it wasn’t even made aware of when the series began.

Microsoft’s Defense Doesn’t Make Sense

Of course, all of that information can quickly be found by a quick search on the old Google machine. But that’s not the real point here. The real point is that Microsoft is expecting people to believe that prior to the announcement of its $68.7-billion — with a “B” — purchase of Activision Blizzard that it wasn’t given all of the details about the largest franchise it would be acquiring. It’s incredibly unlikely, and something many would be willing to put money on, that Microsoft, one of the largest companies in the world, wouldn’t get everything before agreeing to such a major purchase.

If Microsoft didn’t know the size of the Call of Duty franchise, then why would it offer Sony a 10-year deal to keep it on the PlayStation platform as well as sign an agreement with Nintendo to bring it back? Those types of deals just aren’t made without knowing how valuable a series is to not only gamers but competing companies as well.

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  1. This is all just legalese; I think some of the claims in this article are a little sensationalist. It’s not exactly in the purview of MSFT to read, track, and make claims on ATVI’s financial statements. MSFT has no ties to ATVI and has no real grounds to show that they’re “experts” on ATVI’s game releases and financials.

  2. Microsoft is clear about the fact that mobile gaming is one of the main reasons of this whole business. Besides that MS would be crazy to make this console exclusive. That would mean less income and less players for these multilayer games

  3. 2003 is when it Debuted thought everyone knew that well us real gamers knew that specially the ones dedicated to PLAYSTATION because the XBOX didn’t come out till 2004 and the First PLAYSTATION came out in 1994 I had the first launch PS1.

  4. How about we do an even trade or how about you guys give US HALO ON THE PLAYSTATION FOR 5 YEARS AND COD FOR 5 YEARS I did love the very first Halo made I use to borrow my friends Xbox 1 to Play first Halo and I would let him Borrow my Ps1 so he could play Resident Evil

  5. I think you nailed it on the head. They could find most of this with a Google search… but they use Bing.

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