Microsoft “Doubling Down” On Video Games, CEO Says

Microsoft video games

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that the company is “doubling down” on video games now that its purchase of Activision Blizzard has been finalized.

During an interview with MSN, Nadella talked about the $65 billion purchase and its importance to not only the company but the game industry as a whole.

“It is [a big purchase], but we’re really excited about it,” he said. “For us, there are a few things that go all the way back for us as a company. Gaming is one, right? When I think about Microsoft, I think of perhaps developer tools, proprietary software, and gaming.

Nadella continued: “Those are three things that we’ve done from the very beginning. And so, to us, gaming is the one place where we think we have a real contribution to make in consumer markets.”

The Microsoft CEO then mentioned that fact that time spent gaming continues to rise, especially with younger generations. He also touched on how games are developed and consumed as a whole.

“The way games are made, the way the games are delivered, is changing radically,” he said. “Whether it’s mobile, or consoles, or PCs, or even the cloud. So, we’re looking forward to really doubling down both as a game producer and a publisher.

Now we’ll be one of the largest game publishers and also as a company that’s building platforms for it.”

What do you think Microsoft has in store for Xbox and its video games now that it owns Activision Blizzard? For more Insider Gaming, see what studio is set to be hit with layoffs.

  1. They should buy take2 next so we can get more than just gta games having those games in game pass would be a huge win too

  2. Microsoft computers being a platform back in the day =/= being gaming forward since day one. That’s stretching the truth *a lot*.

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