Microsoft’s CEO Wants to be a ‘Good Publisher’ for Sony, Nintendo

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In a recent Bloomberg interview, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, spoke about the state of play for the gaming industry following the recent closure of the Activision Blizzard acquisition. During that drawn-out saga, pledges were made to bring Activision Blizzard’s games to other platforms for years to come – and that includes publishing Call of Duty titles on Nintendo Switch for the first time.

Nadella talked about being a ‘good publisher’ on platforms that, up until a few months ago, would have been seen as strict competitors.

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There’s a desire from Microsoft to leverage the increasing power of Xbox to become the number one player in the gaming industry. Thanks to recent acquisitions, that goal is within sight, but the hard-fought path to get there still has many miles on it. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Satya Nadella spoke about the future of Microsoft’s game publishing activities:

We love gaming. In fact, Flight Simulator was created before even Windows. But we were number three, number four, and with now Activision, I think we have a chance of being a good publisher, quite frankly, on Sony and on Nintendo, and on PCs and on Xbox.

It’s no big secret that there’s a goal to expand as much as possible. With the recent growth of Xbox’s foothold in certain regions (such as Asia) and the soaring success of the Game Pass subscription service, there’s a lot of positivity within the firm. There was a recent leadership shake-up that instilled a little more faith and executives have been transparent – for the most part – about their mission.

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  1. That’s fine but there’s no point in the Xbox unless they sell it at a much cheaper price to be like a Apple TV or Fire Stick. They need to get Game Pass on PlayStation and Nintendo also XCloud.

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