Mickey Mouse Horror Game Changes Name Following ‘Nazi’ Accusations

infestation 88

Recently, it was revealed that a bizarre multiplayer horror game starring a terrifying rendition of the original Mickey Mouse character would be released in 2024. Originally, this game was slated to be called Infestation ’88, with the ’88’ referencing when the game is set – 1988. However, there have been accusations levelled against the title, with some claiming that it’s a nod to the Nazi regime, which is often synonymous with certain terms – such as the number 88.

Is Infestation ’88 About Nazis? No.

Following a rapid name change, Infestation ’88 is now called Infestation: Origins. This was a quick change made by the developer, Nightmare Forge, in response to claims that the game contained some Neo-Nazi references – most specifically the front-and-centre ’88’ being in the game’s title. In a statement, the team said:

Unfortunately, at the time of its announcement, we were unaware of any additional meanings the number ’88’ has. Through feedback from the community, we learned it did, and therefore made this name change ASAP.

Further controversies surfaced when it was claimed that Infestation: Origins contains AI-generated voices and asset flips, with some recognising character models as being taken straight from the Unity Store. In one damning allegation, it was suggested that the trailer’s voiceover was provided by a service called ElevenLabs and that the length of the audio provided was just short enough not to incur a fee – insinuating that the developer is cutting corners at every opportunity.

In an interview, Nightmare Forge didn’t deny using these services but didn’t outright confirm that they did, either.

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