Donna Burke Is Working on The MGS3 Theme Again

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It’s one of the most anticipated announcements floating around in the world of gaming right now – the MGS3 remake. It has been teased, rumoured, and suggested for years, with most recent claims pointing to a reveal at this year’s E3 expo, which – for obvious reasons – isn’t going to happen now

However, hours ago, voice actor and singer extraordinaire, Donna Burke, posted a telling Tweet that showed the performer herself holding an image of a familiar-looking cat adorned in an eyepatch (and sporting a horn), under which the caption ‘Snake Eater’ was written.

It was then revealed that she was almost definitely in a recording studio, working on a new version of the MGS3 theme.

Is An MGS3 Remake Announcement Imminent?

This wouldn’t be the first time that Donna Burke has lent her lyrical talents to Konami for use in the Metal Gear Solid franchise – for this particular track, too. For the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Burke provided a 1980s-themed cover of Snake Eater, MGS3’s iconic theme. Now, it seems she’s back at it, in the studio and working on what may be a new version of that very same track.

And of course, it is being claimed that she’d only be doing that for the MGS3 remake.

If the image of Donna Burke holding a Big Boss-themed cat picture with the title ‘Snake Eater’ wasn’t enough, one eagle-eyed user dived in a little deeper. In follow-up images, further shots of the studio were offered up, including one that showed people sitting at a desk, analysing something on a computer screen.

On that desk were sheets of paper.

On those sheets of paper were the lyrics to Snake Eater, the all-important song.

It was suggested a while ago that the MGS3 remake wouldn’t be arriving until 2024, according to an article published by TheGamer that referenced an insider source. If that’s true, then it would be about right for Konami to be getting its ducks – or snakes – in a row, in preparation for some kind of an announcement.

In recent weeks and months, remakes have been doing remarkably well – particularly Resident Evil and Dead Space-based remakes. Of course, The Last of Us Part I launched on PC and that was a complete trainwreck, so it’s not a universal truth that all these remakes are succeeding – but an MGS3 remake certainly would.

It just has to. It’s my all-time favourite Metal Gear title and probably in my top five GOATs.

Let’s wait and see if Donna Burke’s Tweets are removed.

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