MGS Fans Can Smell Like Shadow Moses Island

shadow moses cologne

Have you ever wanted to smell like a secretive, mysterious weapons development complex housed on the fringes of an Alaskan archipelago? Well, now you can – provided you live in the United Kingdom or the EU. In a limited partnership, Numskill has linked up with Konami to produce the Metal Gear Solid ‘Shadow Moses’ Cologne, which will leave 1000 lucky customers smelling like something that ‘transcends the ordinary’.

Are They Running Out of Ideas?

For the low, low price of just £39.99, 1000 customers can purchase the Shadow Moses Cologne, which comes in a 100ml bottle. It’s a unisex cologne, so whoever you are, you can smell like ‘frosty evergreen trees’ – a scent that’s reportedly reminiscent of the fictional Shadow Moses Island first featured in MGS1.

It has been written that the Shadow Moses Cologne boasts ‘hints of myrrh, fir balsam, oakmoss, cedarwood, and musk’ – which should make for a tantalising tickle of the old olfactory system.

Here’s the pitch for the cologne:

Taking inspiration from the game’s legendary setting, this unique cologne opens with the crisp freshness of handpicked mushrooms and forest soil, and evolves to reveal a heart enriched with aromatic scents that take you on a sensory journey, transporting you to the captivating and complex landscape of Shadow Moses Island.  

What do you think, are you interested in the Shadow Moses Cologne? We’ve seen all kinds of collectables over the years, but something like this is quite rare.

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