Lords of the Fallen Has Sold 1 Million Copies

lords of the fallen players

Lords of the Fallen has been on the market for a week, and it has already sold through a massive one million copies. This milestone was recently revealed on Twitter and was immediately met with positive feedback from a very satisfied community. Since being released, Lords of the Fallen – which is as close to a Dark Souls game as you’d ever like – has enjoyed generally positive reviews, with special praise being handed down for its sumptuous visuals, engaging combat, and intriguing ‘world split’ concepts.

An Epic Milestone

Lords of the Fallen isn’t perfect, but it’s pleasing plenty of fans of the Soulsborne niche, and that’s enough for it to be a winner – so much so that it has shifted one million copies in just a week.

Before the game was released, I wrote up a preview based on a few hours of gameplay, and even though I typically hate challenging, Soulsborne-style games, I loved every minute of my experience. I found the combat to be deeply satisfying and the world was an absolute wonder to explore.

There’s more yet to come, though. On Twitter, the social media team confirmed that crossplay is still in development, as is the patch to address issues on the PlayStation 5. That former point is especially important given that Lords of the Fallen can be played as a co-op title from start to finish, which gives it an advantage over the likes of Elden Ring.

Have you played Lords of the Fallen yet?

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