Metro Exodus Developer 4A Games to Attend Gamescom

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The developers behind the Metro series, 4A Games will be in attendance as an exhibitor at this year’s Gamescom, the official website has confirmed.

According to the website, 4A Games will be present in Hall 3.2 at Stand D051/C050.

4A Games is yet to announce its next project, however, earlier this year, Insider Gaming exclusively reported that the developer is developing a new Metro title. The report was made in February 2023, with sources revealing that the game was already fully playable. Such details left us to believe that the game could be revealed later this year, with a tentative release window of 2024.

Officially, the studio revealed in 2020 that the game is in development via its website, “In 2020, 4A Games announced via its website “It’s no secret that we have already started work on the next Metro game. Using everything we’ve learned from the last 15 years, we’ve set our sights even higher – the next title is being built for Gen 9 consoles and PC, with a complete overhaul of our engine and renderer to take advantage of the new power, storage, and hardware supported ray tracing afforded by the new consoles.”

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The developer also revealed in 2020 that the team is “committed to delivering a great story-driven single-player experience; this is what the Metro series is founded on. As a studio, we want to constantly push ourselves to create bigger and better games, but we also listen to what the fans are saying, and we know what’s important to you. We take our responsibility to the franchise seriously, and we think you’ll be excited about our plans for the next chapter.”

Insider Gaming understands that external playtests for the game have been ongoing consistently this past year, suggesting that the game is nearing a completed state.

As for whether the game will be revealed or not at the event remains to be seen, but a reveal could happy during Gamesom’s Opening Night Live, which takes place on August 22.

Are you looking forward to a new Metro game?

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