Everything We Know About the PS5 Pro – Specs, Release Date, Price, and More

PlayStation 5 sales
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The PS5 Pro has been long-rumored to release for the past couple of years, but when will the PS5 Pro come out? What’s the PS5 Pro Specs? And how much will the PS5 Pro cost? In this article, we’ll be breaking down everything we know about the PS5 Pro.

PS5 Pro Specs

The PS5 specs have been a mystery since the console was rumored, with several unverified rumors circulating the internet these past few years. However, a new report by Tom Henerson at Key to Gaming has outlined two very important specs for the console.

One leaked spec is on the consoles Work Group Process (WGP) which was said to be at 30. This means that the console will have a total of 60 compute units, which will be 24 more than the original PlayStation 5. In addition, it will be 4 more compute units more than the Xbox Series X, which is currently the world’s most powerful console.

Another leaked spec by Key to Gaming is that the PS5 Pro will feature 18,000 MT/s memory, which is 4000 MT/s more than the original console.

Other key details on what the console will feature are currently unavailable or have been rumored from various accounts a shaky past when it comes to reputability. However, whatever the case may be, it seems like the PS5 Pro is going to be a monster of a console.

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PS5 Pro Price

The PS5 Pro price is more of an educated guess from us based on what we know of Sony’s console plans. We know that the console giant is expected to release a revised version of the PlayStation 5 later this year, with its major difference being that it sports a detachable disc drive. Whilst it seems pointless to some, Insider Gaming understands that this is a means of reducing the consoles production and shipping costs, whilst also allowing consumers to enter the PlayStation 5 market at $400 (whilst being able to upgrade with a disc drive at a later date).

Personally, we think this new PS5 will cost $400, with the detachable disc drive costing $100 extra. This could indicate that the PS5 Pro will cost $500 on its own, with the addon of the disc drive for an extra $100.

PS5 Pro Release Date

It’s understood that the PS5 Pro is currently aiming for a holiday 2024 release date, so we should expect more news on the console in early-mid 2024.

PS5 Pro Controller

Typically, the “pro” version of a console will release with the standard edition controller. For the PlayStation 5 Pro, we fully anticipate that the console will launch with the standard controller too.

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