Metro VR Has Been Revealed, But Where’s ‘Metro 4’?


Metro is one of the best post-apocalyptic franchises on the market. For more than a decade, Metro has challenged the paradigm set by the likes of Fallout, perfecting a harrowing and horrific universe set largely within the mutant-stalked decrepit metro system of Moscow. In 2019, Metro Exodus was released, pushing the boundaries of the apocalypse even further and taking players into an above-ground wasteland that stretched for thousands of miles.

Recently, Metro Awakening, a VR-exclusive title, was revealed. As a spin-off from the main series, Metro Awakening will see players assume an all-new role that takes on an immersive, alternate perspective from what they’re used to from the Metro franchise. It has fans wondering where the next major entry in the series is and what it’s going to look like.

What’s Next for Metro?

Following the reveal of Metro Awakening, it was confirmed that the next major Metro title is still being worked on:

Development continues separately at 4A Games on the next mainline installment of the Metro series.

There has been little in the way of updates over the last year or two, though. In January 2023, 4A Games broke down the situation in a blog post, stressing that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had effectively decimated the development path for Metro, with some of the team opting to take to the frontline to fight in the war. Despite those harrowing struggles, 4A Games remained resilient.

Last year, the team released the Exodus SDK, allowing tech-savvy Metro fans to create mods and custom content in Metro Exodus like never before. It was an editor that blew the game wide open, giving creators the keys to the post-apocalyptic castle and allowing them to mess with everything from character models to scenes and settings.

But I digress.

There’s almost nothing to say about the next Metro title – not even a whisper of an idea. Earlier in 2023, we reported exclusively on the state of play for whatever’s coming next, but it was nothing more than a confirmation that a playable build was sitting in the hands of 4A Games. There have been whispers of the next Metro game being an open-world, base-building multiplayer title – which would align with Exodus’ ‘good ending’ – but there’s no confirmation of that whatsoever at present.

There’s a way to go before we know what the next Metro game will look like.

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