Mediatonic: Fall Guys’ Dev Completely Laid Off, Reports Claim


It has been revealed through social circles that Mediatonic, the creator of the quirky battle royale game ‘Fall Guys’ has been hit extremely hard by the layoffs announced today at Epic Games. In 2021, Epic Games acquired Mediatonic while on a ‘buy-up’ spree; two years later, it has effectively dismantled the same company.

According to reports online, the entire team has been laid off without warning, with senior members of staff at Mediatonic taking to the social airwaves to share their dismay at the news and to start encouraging other studios to consider those impacted by the layoffs for any open positions.

UPDATE – In an update by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, it was said that the entirety of the entire team at Mediatonic wasn’t laid off, despite the reports.

Build Them Up and Break Them Down

Fall Guys’ developer, Mediatonic, was acquired by Epic Games in 2021, and shortly after, the game went free-to-play. It remained relatively popular, with Mediatonic supporting the game’s ongoing development by releasing new seasons, levels, and skin packs, and pumping it full of updates over time.

If the entire team behind Mediatonic has been laid off by Epic Games, there will be obvious implications regarding the future of Fall Guys. It hasn’t been confirmed what’ll happen with the product or whether there’s even a future for the cute and quirky battle royale game, but we’re holding out hope that there is.

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  1. Tim is an awful CEO he was just lucky for the last few years Unreal, Gears, Fortnite, now he has nothing just wasted money on acquisitions. He needs to go too bad he still owns maybe 50% of the company.

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