Mass Effect 5 Is Being Created by ‘Trilogy Veterans’

Mass Effect 5 was the talk of the town recently. Late last year, BioWare published a series of cryptic messages and a super-short teaser trailer that was released in segments, showcasing… Well, not a lot – but it was still exciting for fans of the legendary sci-fi franchise. Following the woeful release of Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017, fans are understandably apprehensive about the final shape of Mass Effect 5, especially since it was impacted by recent delays that also pushed back Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

On Twitter, Mass Effect 5’s project director, Michael Gamble, recently posted a message in response to a particular comment that will help set minds at ease.

Veteran Team

On Twitter, one user commented on the ‘Mass Effect 5 leadership team’, stressing that almost the entire thing is made up of ‘original trilogy veteran devs’ – but some users were doubtful. By way of a response, Michael Gamble stepped up and confirmed that the executive producer, art director, creative director, and game director are all veterans of the OG trilogy.

That’s good news for any Mass Effect fan, as the original trilogy is considered one of the best series in gaming history – maybe except the third part of that trilogy. Everyone has their issues with how it ended, and I respect that.

In a series of teaser clips and some concept art, a few details about Mass Effect 5 have been unearthed, but it’s not much. There are some references to the Andromeda galaxy, a new helmeted N7 character with a cool coat, some snapshots of alien races familiar to the franchise, and a few shots of ships. Not much to go on, but better than nothing.

It’s not yet known when Mass Effect 5 will be released.

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  1. Microsoft should get in on this bring Mass Effect back to Xbox. Fix all the problems the remaster and Andromeda had. I thought they were calling this Mass Effect 4?

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