Martha is Dead Getting Live-Action Movie Adaptation

Martha Is Dead Body In Lake

In a new press release, publisher Wired Productions has announced that Martha is Dead, the 2022 indie hit from developer LKA, is getting a movie adaptation.

Martha is Dead is a psychological horror game set in Italy during World War II. It explores a variety of dramatic, sensitive themes about trauma and war as Giulia hunts the truth over her twin sister’s death.

LKA will collaborate with Swedish film company Studios Extraordinaires for a live-action feature film. It is “currently in active development” already, with André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson attached as co-directors.

The directors explain their movie adaptation will stay “true to the game’s soul-stirring essence”.

Wired Productions has stated they plan to merge “gaming and filmmaking in an unprecedented way”, and the studio will reveal more details soon.

Studios Extraordinaires doesn’t have much previous work to consider. However, they are notably the film production company that will also adapt Fort Solis.

The company has plans to expand the Fort Solis universe into both film and television projects.

They are also turning Infinite Mana Games’ debut Expeditions project into a live-action adaptation. Infinite Mana Games has revealed little about Expeditions, though it will be an isometric action RPG.

Studios Extraordinaires is clearly lining up a compelling series of gaming adaptations. Like Martha is Dead, Fort Solis is a cinematic thriller driven by story and performance.

Fort Solis may have some mixed reviews on Steam, but it does feature some standout talent like Roger Clark and Troy Baker.

Studios Extraordinaires and Wired Productions have not confirmed any of the cast for Martha is Dead just yet.

However, the game included some impressive acting and authentic Italian language. Fans would surely welcome any returning cast members from the game.

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