Manor Lords Hits 2.5 Million Wishlists One Week Before Launch

manor lords

Manor Lords is currently occupying the top spot on Steam’s most-wanted list, and the publisher, Hooded Horse, recently took to social media to share an epic milestone. With just one week before Manor Lords is released, the game has hit 2.5 million wishlists on the popular PC storefront, marking the game as an impending success.

Success, My Lord!

Manor Lords is one of the most highly anticipated city-building titles to emerge in recent years. It’s preparing to shatter expectations on April 26, when it hits the open market for the first time – but some lucky players and outlets have received early access copies of the game and are already feeding back positive things.

In January, it was reported that Manor Lords had hit 2 million wishlists – that’s representative of the buzz this painstakingly realistic and masterfully created game has brought to the table.

Starting from meagre origins, players will explore Manor Lords from the bottom rungs of the medieval social ladder, working their way up from a camp in the middle of a forest to a thriving city with a powerful army. There are micromanagement mechanics in Manor Lords that lend themselves to the finest details being customisable, which is great for builders who love getting into the nitty-gritty of their creations.

From managing trade routes to capturing nearby regions, and from building up your settlement to keeping your citizens happy, there are a lot of stock-standard – and of course, innovative – features in Manor Lords to soak up. One of the most entertaining things I’ve seen is the game offering players the option to stroll around town as the manor lord himself, seeing what his subjects are getting up to.

Manor Lords will be released exclusively on PC on April 26.

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