Dying Light 2 Is About To Get a LOT Harder – Here’s Why

dying light 2 nightmare mode

Key Highlights:

  • Dying Light 2’s Nightmare Mode update arrives this week
  • It’s said to be the most immersive mode Techland has ever created for the game
  • Only the toughest of players will survive Nightmare Mode

Dying Light 2 is one of the best open-world apocalyptic games on the market right now, even if it’s currently being overshadowed by the Fallout franchise. In Dying Light 2, players are tasked with navigating a world torn to shreds by a zombie apocalypse, combining high-octane parkour abilities with gruesome combat mechanics that are deeply satisfying – and a little sickening at times.

This week, on April 18, Dying Light 2 will get a lot harder – but it’s optional, so don’t fret if that thought is already putting you off the game.

Dying Light 2 Nightmare Mode Inbound

On April 18, Dying Light 2 will receive the ‘Nightmare Mode Update’, which will bring, amongst other things, Nightmare Mode. It’s an all-new, hyper-challenging difficulty tier that takes a relatively easy-to-handle game and makes it as tough as nails.

In a recent blog post, the team at Techland explained what players can expect if they switch on this fresh and terrifying difficulty setting.

Nightmare Mode, also known as Nightmare Difficulty, which will provide the most challenging experience in the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It requires total concentration and extreme caution on the part of the player and, in turn, delivers the highest level of immersion yet.

It’ll remove almost the entire HUD, forcing players to use their eyes and ears to catch enemies before they leap out of the darkness at them. Certain ‘gameplay aids’ will be stripped from the game, and mechanics like stamina will need to be managed much more carefully. For those playing co-operatively, Dying Light 2’s Nightmare Mode will scale to accommodate the extra player fighting by your side.

For the full breakdown of how Nightmare Mode will impact you in Dying Light 2, check out the blog post on the Techland website.

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