First Madden 25 Features Revealed By EA Sports

A day after its originally planned reveal, EA Sports has announced the first set of features coming to Madden 25 when it releases on August 16.

This year’s game will include a number of changes, both big and small, to multiple aspects of the game. From gameplay to presentation to game modes, EA Sports has seemingly touched on a lot of different areas to improve the game for players.

Before getting into what was announced, it should be noted that this isn’t everything coming to Madden 25. The full reveal is currently scheduled for Tuesday, June 18.

What’s New In Madden 25?


Moving on to what was announced. Starting with gameplay, EA Sports confirmed it’s new BOOM Tech technology on the field. According to EA, BOOM Tech is “new physics system that calculates player ratings and skill-based timing to deliver 1-on-1 ball carrier impacts for more authentic physical outcomes”. Accompanying that on the field is a new ball-carrier balance system that will allow players to combine jukes, spins, and hesi-steps in “branching animations” as well as new ways to break tackles and recover your balance based on ratings.

Also coming to the on-field action are new and updated playbooks and audibles for more variety of plays. One example used by EA is the “Miami Motion” plays that had been created for wide receiver Tyreek Hill. The last thing announced regarding gameplay is that Madden 25 will feature “more control at every position”.

“From the trenches to the sidelines, core gameplay gets increased control across key areas including innovated passing, catching, blocking, and coverages,” EA said.

Speaking of passing, it appears the passing meter debuting in College Football 25 will be making it’s way to Madden 25 based on the short gameplay clip shown. Another gameplay feature coming to Madden from College Football is the new defensive switch stick control that allows players to flick the right stick to control different players post snap.


When it comes to the game’s presentation, EA confirmed an Insider Gaming report that there are two more commentary teams coming to the game this year. Mike Tirico and Greg Olsen will make up one of the new teams while Kate Scott and Brock Huard will be the other new team. Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis are also return to the virtual booth.

Within Franchise Mode, another Insider Gaming report was confirmed as the NFL Draft will receive an overhaul within the mode. EA also promises more depth and immersion within the mode as whole.

Madden 25 Features

Game Modes

Create-A-Team is back in the form of Team Builder. Similar to College Football 25, you’ll be able to create your team online with custom logos and create your team, uniforms, helmets, and field. Team Builder teams will also be able to be used in Online Franchise.

Franchise mode, in addition to the NFL Draft presentation, features a number of new updates according to EA. Those improvements, per EA, are:

  • NFL Draft Night in Franchise is more authentic than ever with a rebuilt environment, fresh player fits, iconic moments, a draft prospect board that’s easier to navigate, and real-time draft grades. See inside team war rooms and green rooms as the night progresses, then meet Roger Goodell on a new NFL Draft stage in a fresh fit that suits you. 
  • Manage personalities through dynamic storylines in team meeting rooms, coach’s offices, press conferences, and practice sidelines.
  • Franchise Central provides simplified league creation tools and delivers more important information at your fingertips, including personal messages and top stories that make your Franchise experience feel more like the NFL in every moment. 
  • Core Depth Improvements featuring team and rookie records, improved team roster AI for free agency and draft selections, new draft stories and generators, refined player progression logic focused on younger and older players, revamped news content focused on important games every week and female models in create a coach for the first time, as well as a fresh Super Bowl celebration experience.
  • Tuning and progression across multiple Franchise systems has been altered to ensure teams are smarter, reflecting real NFL strategy. 
  • Crossplay in Franchise will launch in Madden NFL 25 after a successful beta via a live service update at holiday last year.

Superstar mode will see a new “superstar quest system” that will see your player “prove to the media, coach, and teammates that you have what it takes to reach superstar status.” The mode features “completely revamped” progression curves to help your journey feel more authentic, and you’ll also be able to bring your Road to Glory player from College Football 25 over to Madden 25’s superstar mode.

Madden 25 will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that certain gameplay features are only available on current-gen consoles and PC.

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