Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Hits 1 Million Copies Sold

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Danny Trejo

In a recent post on Twitter, developer RGG Studio announced that Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth sold 1 million units in its first week.

To celebrate this milestone, RGG Studio added that a special in-game T-Shirt Set is already in the works. The devs shared some images of the set, but they did not confirm a release date.

According to today’s post, the devs will share “timing and other details as soon as we can”.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the latest installment in the hit action RPG series from Sega.

It was one of the few titles nominated for Most Anticipated Game at The Game Awards 2023. Since launch, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth received a wave of positive reviews.

Earlier this week, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth even earned a rare perfect score from renowned Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. It is one of just 30 games to achieve that, spanning decades of reviews.

Many fans have praised its memorable characters, stylish commitment to strangeness, and intuitive gameplay. Some consider it an improvement over previous games in the series.

However, there was certainly division over New Game Plus. This common gameplay feature allows players to run through games additional times.

Unfortunately, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth essentially locked New Game Plus behind a paywall, which disappointed longtime fans. Still, selling 1 million copies is a sign that players enjoy the content itself.

Earlier this week, publisher Sega announced that it would lay off 61 employees in March.

The Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega union later issued a statement. They believe it “will have a negative impact on the working conditions of those who remain with the company”.

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